Google Map of Inter-American Defense College

From Virginia:
1. Take highway 395 North, stay in lane marked for highway 395.
2. Go over the 14th Street Bridge.
3. Continue on 395 North.
4. Exit to the right at the Maine Avenue exit. Stay to the left.
5. After a stop sign, continue straight to the light and make a left turn onto Maine Avenue.
6. Continue straight on Maine Avenue; it will change to M Street.
7. Continue straight on M Street, turn right onto 4th Street (on the left side of the street there is a small shopping center – Waterside Mall, and you will see a Safeway sign).
8. Stay in the right lane on 4th Street, the road will turn left and become P Street.
9. Take the immediate right turn into the Ft. McNair gate. You are now on 3rd Avenue inside Ft. McNair.
10. At the end of 3rd Avenue, turn right onto B Street. The IADC, Building 52, is on the right.
11. Parking is at the end of B Street to the right in front of a picnic area.

From Maryland: (Coming from Montgomery County - Rockville, Chevy Chase, etc.)
1. Take Wisconsin Ave. to Massachusetts Ave. and continue to Rock Creek Parkway.
2. Continue on Rock Creek Parkway until passing the Kennedy Center get onto the left-hand lane to Independence Ave.
3. At Independence Ave. remain in the middle or right lanes to the Maine Ave. exit.
4. Continue straight on Maine Avenue; it will change to M Street.
5. Follow steps 7-11 above.

From Washington:
1. Take 9th Street NW south toward Maine Ave or go down Rock Creek Parkway via Independence Ave. to Maine Ave.
2. Continue straight on Maine Avenue; it will change to M Street.
3. Follow steps 7-11 above.

If using online mapping websites or GPS systems, you can use the following addresses:

To arrive at the front entrance of IADC:
210 B Street SW, Washington, D.C. 20319


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